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Four marks and a long walk

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Well yesterday was tough.

Mark 1. Deep water cove. 0600hrs.

When all sensible anglers were out fishing, I was out the night before at fairly loud 50th birthday party (Gorey Common can you still hear me?) but stuck to a pint of Liberation and not much else to help me through.

So an early scramble down to a promising mark was not a major problem apart from when we get there it seems the fish aren't up yet. Just a couple of bites but not much else on a mark that had produced on evening tides in previous days - was it a lack of sunshine? We are fast forming the view that wrasse are sun worshippers and take a litlle while to warm up. Time to move. Tactical discussion comes up with another mark that will fish in an hour or two. Keith crying out for calories to keep him going so food is next priority.

Mark 2. Cafe. 0830hrs

A full English later and the world is a better place, the sun has come out.

Mark 3. Gentle little cliff mark 0915hrs.

An interim mark whilst we wait for the tide however the wind has increased and followed us around. Not good. A few bites though and a couple of small fish to some great little lures that we knew just had to work. This was one of two fish chasing this lure.

Mark 4. Rocky stretch into shallow water. 1130hrs

A stretch of rocks with a few nasty gulleys to cross. Keith is into an harder than usual scrap for 3.12.

Sorry about the quality, this is on electronic zoom.

Next gulley along and after two strong knocks I hook a zoo-creature that swims straight into cover against a heavy drag and pings the YGK braid before I can even grab the spool. That same drag was hauling in 3lb'ers the week before without much fuss, the rod has had fish over 4lb without too much drama and this fish has ignored them completely and done its own thing. A razorback of the hog world.

Not happy. Expletives fill the air and I am still shaking as I tie on another jighead. Who was it that said that sometimes you learn more from losing fish than landing them? Smart arse.

A few more gulleys later and Keith decides to tease a poor little brown and orange wrasse of a pound or two with a goby lure. Then we decide to walk a bit further to try a spot that we had fished a week before with Callum.

First cast and I'm getting bites in less than 4ft of murky water. We pull out a couple of sub 1lb but welcome fish and then decide that's enough for the day. A long walk back to the cars where I meet an old friend who's just off for a cast on the rising tide....He's seen the forum and we joke about how far fishing tackle has progress (especially our own) since we fished as 11yr olds many moons ago. Olympic reels, tortue mono and solid glass pier rods were the bees knees back then.....!

And that was that. Keith has been up since who knows when (does that man sleep?) and both of us are hobbling with HRF induced knee injuries. We've caught a few, tried a spot we hadn't tried with SPs for wrasse before, reinforced our view that wrasse like the sun and certain colour lures and generally had a good day....certainly a good walk![/QUOTE]
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Great report Paul.
My legs are still sore.

Shame about the big un eh.
NIce report, Paul. Love that little "goby" lure!
Really nice report there Paul. Enjoyed that :D
I enjoyed reading that Paul, thank you very much and well done !
nice one paul great report, them s.p's look the dogs.... another spendin spree cumin up i thinks!!
Nice report Paul, unlucky on Razorback
good report paul, there seems to be some big wrasse being dropped at the moment.

Paul your a tiger ;) All you guys are on fire at the moment
good report paul, there seems to be some big wrasse being dropped at the moment.

Tell me about it Kev! I'm getting twitchy hearing about these goats people are bumping into...I dont think it'll be long!
Keith, you still using the Dropshot rod? Is that what you've settled on for the bulk of the HRF now?
Keith, you still using the Dropshot rod? Is that what you've settled on for the bulk of the HRF now?
for now yes.


I hate a few things about it.

Candy cane tip and not enough steerage in the low end.

I have a new prototype in the mix that won't be long for initial evaluation hopefully.
We sure need it. Other opinions will differ but I've tried quite a few rods and most fall short somewhere.

The number of 3 1/2lb plus rockfish is increasing as we pattern Wrasse behaviour and habits more. But, saying that, I don't want to lose the potential fun of the little guys.
And, as you know, these rods are potentially going to be better for HRF Bass too. You have to experience the nuances in varying conditions guys to understand why we are being so particular about it all.

I more understand why the yanks have 15 or 16 rods on a Bass boat now.
Callum also knows why having a spare (rigged and ready) is almost essential too. Unlucky M8.
Lost time on re-rigging = lost fishing time at the optimum period.
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the girls must you mark, buns of steel mate after all the butt clenches you must be doing everytime you see a new wrasse report,lol.

Nice report Paul, and a very nice cobot lure!! Keith is that drop shot rod yours? I mean is it mine? Or did I sell it? I think they will be an ideal vertical dead sticking rod for the boat, thats why I got one....but I cant remember if I sold it to you or lent you it!!!!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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