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Further article (HRF report)

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Taking it a bit easier this week so last one for a bit. (From me anyway) LOL

Come on guys, get in there..
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I've got to say Keith, that your Blog articles at the moment, are absolutely first class. There's nothing quite like it out there at the moment (certainly nothing in the UK anyway). Really inspiring :clap:
Thanks Simon.

Makes it worthwhile with comments like that and, we do try to be different.

I'm left wondering, how different will it be in 5 years ?

I'll think of something new before then eh...

Agreed. Can't beat those posts at the mo.
Super write ups again Keith. This has to be something special when even yourself and Kevin are being astounded by the results.
great reads keith the time and effort is appreciated, dont know how you n kev manage it all
Cheers for the articles Keith, they are standout good. So, plugs are old hat, SPs is where it's at! All the pics on next years 'show us yours' thread are of modified xlayers??? LOL!!!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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