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Good Start too the Year 2010

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Hound dog (steve), Rob Taylor and myself went to a local mark which produces some nice fish, early and late in the year, the same place in fact that we had our last haul.

The wind was a North westerly on a dropping tide, high tide which was about 5.36am and the sea looked perfect but not until we got closer did we realise the water colour was very poor, now normally i dont mind a bit of colour, but this seemed a bit much to be honest, for me anyway...doh

Anyway to cut a long story short we all started fishing together on one side, then started to move around the coast plugging as we went, but i was last to move, thinking i knew better........ which in fact i didnt!! as the inform person was Taylor Senior on this mark, with his current record at this location...!! realising this, i started to run over to his location which was about 300 meters from me, as i passed steve, I knew, I just knew i left it to late, i got within 60 meters of Taylor Senior now and his rod was bent double, I shouted to steve to come over as Mr Blo*dy Jamy Pants over here was obviously into a good fish!!

He landed the fish which i weighed it at 6lb 5oz but Steve from wales said better using his scales as they have been calibrated, which we did and the weight was in fact 6lb 10oz ................So this makes the weight of fish that we caught 2 weeks earlier all wrong by roughly 5oz's the bass that Rob caught that was 9lb 13oz or 14oz was in fact a DOUBLE!!!!!! which should of weighed 10lb 3oz...... He's a Jamy Git!!! Being beaten by my Daddy is becoming quite normal now for me.... :badlol:

Oh and by the way the bass was returned :)



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Congrats to your old man on his first in 2010, and to Rob on his now double.
Off out shortly to try some new toys and to see if i can tempt a schoolie or two into playing (fingers crossed)
:clap: :clap: :clap: Well done yet again Rob.. and congrats on discovering that you had a double too... :D :D :D
Excellent session again and well done on that double.
Excellent guys, great report again. Love this stuff. Makes our winter fishing pale by comparison.
So generally shallow over here. Sure, we get the occasional good winter Bass here on lures every year but
your fishing is starting to rival that reported in SE Ireland.

Might plan a trip for late next year based on this info.
Good work guys!
love it,welldone guys.i cant bloody wait until spring :jump:
Be over soon Keith to fish with you mate.... Need to fish with the master and work on the soft plastics with you and kev
cracking stuff !!! just put in an rac routefinder search from my front door to that beach,pity its 358 miles with an estimated journey time of 5 3/4 hrs,guess i will have to wait til spring when they start to move north again.
Nice work - AGAIN! - lads. Without divulging too much, were you on the North Coast? I only ask for comparison about what I might be able to expect in South Pembs which really isn't so far away from where you guys are still nailing some lovely fish.
No mate this is on the far south area.. But we've caught just recently on the north, your waters look like they are 10 degrees still which is great... There still here mate.
Great fishing again Nath, well done to your old man and Steve too, the effort is worth it eh. This is all a great boost for your guiding business, I think it proves the potential of you as a guide and Cornwall for a location. Lets hope this catch isnt ruined by jealous people again.
Perhaps you'd be better off spending a bit more time with Mr Bloody Jammy Pants before making the trip to K&K towers, Nath? Looks like you could learn a lot from your old man :aarrg:

Couldn't resist.

I love these reports, mate. Thanks.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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