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Googan question

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Shooting head or WF? Any suggestions? Never used a shooting head before. What are the advantages? What works best in and around japweed?
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All lines have a place Paul.

from the boat or shore ?

on the boat, shooting heads would be fine.
in the water, without a line tray, forget it. I also despise line trays in wading situations.

Both load the rod real well, I don't mind SH or WF depending on where and how I want a presentation.

Presentation: There is the kicker. WF and SH are crap at line control. IF you are shooting to fast moving
fish or making long casts up current and stripping, sure the last two lines are just fine. Long casts for
fish in suspension are also fine in slacker scenario's.

However, WF is a misnomer really. Some are really good at line control (still not DT standard)
and some are god awful.

I spey cast short heads and medium heads and long tapered heads depending on where and how
far the cast needs to be. I also use skagit head's at night for simple 1 shot casts but you seriously
compromise line control.

So, basically, what I'm saying is...

Choose you line by where you are fishing, how you are fishing and do you NEED line control
i:e mending ability.

A standard WF, really you get a jack of all trades.

I really, really like DT lines but I fish much more moving water styles than many would deem
saltwater styles.

But, you live in the same island as me Paul: I know what you are after and you are most likely fishing
the current too. Do you want to cast and strip, or cast and fish ?

Hope this hasn't confused this issue.
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That's helpful. I would like to try it again from the boat and the shore.

Shorewise there is bound to be some fly stripping. But a few years ago I did OK with gently tweaked popper flies over bladder vraic beds and some of the spots I would like to try would suit a fly for a subtle approach. This includes some o f those trigger fish holding points I was telling you about.

Boat wise it could be some nymph style fishing into run offs from gutters etc. I've even toyed with the idea of using bite indicators as I need to have one eye on the fishing and one on what the boat is drifting over.

I have used DT floaters in the past and they are fine for me if its calm. I have also used some lead core for deep fish in FW. Crap method as far as "feel" goes, but some stonking browns on big flies.

Maybe a reasonable starting point is a newe intermediate WF line? I have heard of "clear" lines which intuitively sound good, are there any recommendations?
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I have verved towards SHooting Heads in the last quarter 2009 as I can bang them out further in the wind (did a trip with JA in Oct in a F5 and ended up backcasting the whole day as I was in the rear of the boat) - Some great lines coming through;
Two I use are;
Rio Outbound Shooting Head Intermediate 8#
Rio Aqualux Striped Bass Intermediate 9#
Both are clear heads with integrated loops - not had any issues and I tend not to use a line tray and watch my management as I wade - because of my uber long arms I find a tray gets in the way double hauling ...

Also have a heavy heavy Jim Teeny sinker - man its like casting a lead whip!

Want to add the Outbound with a DI 3 or possibly DI 8 sinkers

For tropical work I use a Rio Bonefish Line 8# which is stiff as you like in the heat - no droopys for me!
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Thanks for the info. On balance I think I am going to get out and practice (once the snow has gone) before I upgrade to a shooting head. Does sound like a good option though.

I'll join you for some casting/presentation practice if you like m8.

One thing to consider based upon your PM and type of fly choice is 'overlining'

bulky flies and quieter presentations are easier and night fishing is way easier
overlined by 1 or 2 .

I often use a 9#wt on a 8#wt and sometimes an 8#wt on a 6#wt.
Even a 12#wt custom head on a medium action 9#wt rod can be a godsend
in strong winds when using bigger flies. Slower actions at night or, with bigger bulky
flies is a big advantage imho.

save the super fast sticks for little flies and shallow clear water.
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