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Morning guys

We (myself,Karen & Martin) went to Gorey pier between 8 and 9:30 last night and boy was it cold and blowy down there, much colder than recent evenings. There was very little water there 5' maybe but the water was pretty clear. There were plenty of baitfish around, they looked bigger than whitebait but smaller than grasdos? Anyway, I caught 1 small pollack on on tiny xlayer cut down, and Martin caught 1 on my rod on the infamous pink trout bait. Being a small neap the tide had barely made a foot by the time we left.


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No worries Gary. A few of us went to Town first.
Kevin had a nice Pouting, dropped one off too, Paul B had some cracking bites on his new rod but the water was getting dirtier by the minute.
After a few casts I had my first bite. A few casts later, fish on..

I was using the new Rovex 2000 with the Rovex 6lb coated braid in yellow. It seemed very memory prone whilst loading it but, in use it was pretty good, no issues at all with line or reel.

3g head to a 2" One Up Shad. OTD as usual.

Callum 'Winder' ran over the rocks to take a picture for me. Some have said LRF has no rocks involved in it... We just laugh at statements like that. Ask any of our guys how many rocks we work from and you see why it's called Light Rock Fish.

We, the LRF crew, moved to Gorey. I told Gary A i'd see him down there at 10pm. I think we got there about 22.05

We could see a light flashing over on the reef to the left. We had a laugh abut how no Bass would come within a mile of the place and before the laughter silenced, Kev was in.

Maybe small but, an LRF fish from a new venue. Water was about 18" deep. We didn't know Gary A and Martin had laid claim to the first Gorey LRF fish at this time of course.
Kev went on to catch 7 or 8, lost count, mixed sizes.

Paul B was using new kit in his MegaBass Silver Shadow. It is a beautiful bit of kit. I asked him about bite and jig head detection and he said it was perfect. Just as it should be I guess but not all rods do what they say. He missed a load of bites last night, serious bumps but, Paul was fishing half a fairy liquid bottle sized baits for bigger fodder. The YGK line he's using continues to impress.

Minutes later: 1 in the early rush of fish I had during the session. Came to a spinnerbait rolled close to the bottom. No choice really as there was still no water. LOL

Then a couple to the vibration blades.

Andy Parkman had a few whilst everyone was there too. He'd been the guy flashing the light over the reef...LOL Don't tell him.
I like Andy, he's old school lure fishing but he is changing very slowly. He just doesn't realise it yet.

Anyway, as people drifted away as it got later and later, colder and colder, there was just Andy P and myself left. It was a little quiet at times but I'm glad we stayed.
We had a few runs of 4 or 5 fish a piece that was frantic action as we moved from wall to wall working each light in turn. I totally lost count of how many but Andy had more than a dozen extra fish and I was close to that.

In total, that must have made a 40 fish night in total. Clear water, freezing winds, very small tide. Only a 24ft I think and we had a blast.

Gorey is firmly placed on the Jersey LRF circuit.

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Thanks for the picture of me and the pollock ,I am addicted to Pollock always have been, just love catching them, and they dont have to be big.

I know about the light putting the fish off, but at my age i need the light to see, safety first. Anyway thanks for the company, it was fun.

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Side said:
I want to have a go with some spinner baits too
Spinnerbaits are another super versatile lure I've used with great success for Bass and Pollack.
You can chuck em virtually anywhere and they must be one of the hardest lures to hang up.

If I were you, get a range of them in Carolina and Willow bladed varieties. Small to heavy but, not too large.
Problem is finding heavy ones (20g plus) that aren't physically large.

You can tune spinnerbaits just like any other lure too.

Just buy some and go from there m8. They do work and are great in very snaggy area's.
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