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26 October 2015

Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs

Marine Management Organisation

Recreational fishing for bass

If you’re a recreational fisherman, you must comply with the new rules whether you’re fishing from a vessel or from the shore.

Catch limits now apply in the following areas.

Sea area ICES statistical areas
Irish Sea ICES VIIa
Celtic Sea and South West Approaches ICES VIIf, VIIg, VIIh, VIIj and VIIk
Channel ICES VIId and VIIe
North Sea ICES IVb and IVc
See a map of the areas where recreational bass fishing is restricted (PDF, 745KB, 1 page) .

You can keep a maximum of three bass per day when fishing in these areas. You must only keep bass that are at least 42cm long.

If you break the law
You can be fined or prosecuted if you don’t follow the rules.

Read the Marine Management Organisation’s (MMO) compliance and enforcement strategy.

You can be given a penalty if you admit or are found guilty of an offence.

A court may:
  • give you an unlimited fine
  • order the confiscation of your fish or give you a fine to the value of the fish
  • order the confiscation of your fishing gear
The MMO might let you pay an administrative penalty up to a maximum of £10,000 instead of going to court.
Read the financial administrative penalties for fisheries offences for more information.
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