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grand national

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who fancies what? and why? i follow the jumps and fancy king johns castle, 40/1, 2lb better off than 2 yrs ago when 2nd, and arbor supreme 14/1 because i live near gorey harbour!
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A pal said to me today that the ground will be quite fast, don't bet on any of the Cheltenham winners and definitely don't back anything over 11 stone in weight.

We could do a forum sweep stake? £2 pound each? Could use my paypal if you like.... You ain't seen me, right?
I'm putting a tenner on Comply or Die ridden by Timmy Murphy...... :)
I went for The Package to with it been my nickname round here( yeah right )and character building .Anyone have any winners?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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