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I havent posted for a while, but have been catching really well for the last couple of months, but nothing of any real size. Unfortunately I was ill and missed all the lovely weather of the last few weeks but on the recovery trail I dragged myself out today. It was worth it, I had a memorable session today.

Went to one of my favourite marks this morning on the dropping tide and third cast on the Xlayer and wallop, huge take ten feet out, saw the flash as she hit the lure.

I had a short but very violent, powerful, surging fight until I bullied an absolute beauty in. I couldnt believe my eyes, she went 7.5 lbs on the Bogas a pb for me. Now I had a dilemma, typical, I didnt have my phone on me it was way back out of the way in my jacket and a steep tricky climb up the rock I was perched on for which I needed a free hand. No pools around and nowhere to put the fish. I swallowed hard and slipped her back. For about 30 secs I didnt think she was going to make it but eventually she revived and powered off.

Still trembling from the excitement, I flicked out the now ragged Xlayer, three twitches and bang, on again, this one went about 3 lbs and back she went.

I forced myself to put the rod down and go get my phone and it was worth it, another four fish in the next hour between 2.5 and 3.5 lbs. I took quick pics before returning them.

The tide slackened and it went dead and my weak legs happily staggerd back up the cliff and home.


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