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not sure about the replacment but we got 3 of the grxi wading jackets earlier in the year for £99 each, great product for the money well happy and so are the boys..

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Too warm...........

I was over at Rutland yesterday and popped into the shop (good shop) and looked at the new Greys 'Extreme' wading jackets,they look great and if the wife wasn't with me I may have left with one.
The price was about £180 I think but I was really impressed with the jackets.
To me the only down side was that it may have been to warm for me as I am one of those people that 'heats up' when fishing,as in I dont get cold.
I came away with another Columbia 'Bony' shirt in dark green,I have many of these and rate them very highly especially if you like to stay cool.
They seem to have the full range of Grays jackets and trousers,I have used the GRXi trousers for a couple of years now and they are great.
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