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Hand Crafted Bass Lures

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Hi Lads
I purchase the attached hand crafted lures during the winter. They are made by a French professional fisherman called Eric le Guyader who fishes Raz De Sein waters of Brittany. His handcrafted lures are found here: The lures on the right are called Mr Joe and are described as a stick bait, there are no ball bearings or other high tec gagetry associated with japanese lures. The lure on the left is called Bigfoot. These lures can be worked on the surface and at various depths. The holographic eyes should make a good target. I bought the lures because I felt a more subtle approach at times would succeed when the loud rattle off most lures can scare the be jesus out of bass. The success of the original Z- Claw being a case in point. Are modern Bass anglers depending too much on high tech lures, or should we be looking more at the simple approach; or is it a case of horses for courses. Any opinions on handcrafted lures there uses, pros and cons etc would be welcome
cheers lads


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I'm not fussed where my lure comes from or even how much it costs. Whether it's hand crafted in France, desinged on a mac in Japan or churned out by the thousand from some Chinese company.

As long as it looks like a baitfish and acts like a baitfish then I'm happy.
Hey Bob - Eric is king!
I have more than just a handful of Eric's lures - mostly tropical tbh but a fair few bass lures - the Bigfoot IS the stickbait and is world famous!

I was fortunate enough to meet Eric in Nantes - picked up my latest batch from him - a true gent and a blacksheep - quizzed him and he has just about fished everywhere!
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Thanks Alex, He was a good guy to deal with, hell of a lot of stories to tell. Any hints on how to fish these lures. Are there any additional lures that you would have in your box. James thanks for the reply, I suppose the question I meant to pose is that is it worthwhile for an angler to have a plan B when they target Bass especially if the situation demands it. Do not get me wrong Japanese lures have caught me a great deal of Bass, certainly not knocking technology
I've seen his lures before and they do look lovely and have far more soul than manufactured plastic.

However why not go the extra mile and make your own lures? As someone who carves my own it oppears to me Eric's lures are well made BUT they are not difficult to make for yourself (given a few attempts) I suspect - as you say Bob no high tec gadgetry inside. The rewards from catching on your own are vastly superior to catching on another persons lures. IMO the next best thing to bass fishing is playing with your wood!
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Ah I see Bob. Mate, I've had plans B, C, D & E and still blanked. That's mostly down to my lack of water craft and flogging the same few marks too much.

This year I will mostly be thinking more about my fishing.
He's made the transition from commercial to leisure bass angling very well, as have many other French guides. I first came across Eric in a newspaper article then in a book "Les ligneurs de la pointe de Bretagne", Marc Sambi and Gilles Bernard, Editions Ouest-France, 2005, ISBN 2.7373.3756.9. A fascinating work on the awe-inspiring commercial bass fishery in the Raz du Sein. Some of their techniques translate to UK/Jersey situations very well but make no mistake, its a commercial fishery so not for the faint hearted.

I'd like to see some of our more successful commercials go that way.

take a look here and here

I hope to be fishing again with Eric this year in France - if you need any help with the lures just drop me a note - fished with 'em for many years now and have had some wonderful fish.

He has even made me a Mr Hendrick.........
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Hello Jim
Thanks for the reply, beautiful article obviously made a serious impression on you. As a guide it most give you a great sense of satisfaction to be afforded the opportunity to fish and socialise with kindered spirits or so to speak, I suppose that is why we fish. I'd say the Mr Joe fished in the rips between two certain islands off the Wexford coast would produce a few:wink: Any chance of going as a bag man on the trip. I will PM you on how to use the Lures: There must be room for another lure in the Box, a Mr Hendricks me thinks:-D
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