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Happy Birthday Andy

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Andy, bday best wishes
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Have a great day Andy :clap:
Have the day of and go fishing Andy
Happy Birthday!!
Andy .
Many happy returns of the day , have a good one bud :rollineyes:
The Squid said:
Have the day of and go fishing Andy
I wish!!!! There's nothing like working on your birthday, but thanks everyone..
All the best Andy, have a merry birthday.
Happy Easter !!!! :rollineyes:
Simon Lewis said:
Happy Easter !!!! :rollineyes:
Where's me egg... :lol:
ok, from me also a happy B Day.

from hamburg / germany *

*dont know where to put this in my profile...
Hope you’ve had a good day Andy.
All the best mate.
On the subject of easter eggs, are we buying for each other this year? I mean its hard now Woolworths has gone.....

Bon anneversaire Andre mon ami.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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