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Happy Birthday Steve

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Best wishes Steven
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Penblwydd hapus i ti Steve.........which Steve though? :bangin:
Happy Birthday old fella :)
Simon Clapham said:
Penblwydd hapus i ti Steve.........which Steve though? :bangin:
I think it's Hound Dog ???? Too many Steve's !!!

Happy birthday old-boy !!! :rofl:
Happy birthday Steve, all the best.
Happy Birthday, Hope you have a great one :jump:
have a great day, maybe a few pints of " brains" as well (weve got get them from somewhere :lol: ) :D :D :D :D
Have a good one Steve.

Happy birthday Steve ... Love the new fishing wet gear , matches the rod , have a good one :muttley:
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Penblwydd Hapus Steve, have a good day :clap:

49 years for me as well this year :jump:
Happy Birthday Steve - last one to celebrate I guess as the big one is looming...
Have a good one and we'll see you at the bumble in April I hope!
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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