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ok, yea, borrowed that title from a famous song. No apologies...

so, on to business.

We were out at St Catherines again.

Mark Sleep armed with new bling, Kevin, Tom Phillips, Andy P, Darren G, Gary Aubert and myself arrived at various times around the high water. Conditions where a complete reverse wind wise as that had swung SSW F3 and being high up, made line contact on light gear harder. Water was still, gin clear to start.

Kevin patterned the fish first. He was out of the artificial light and like myself was getting taps but not takers.

It wasn't long before he was in.

Kev with that stupid smirk that say's " I patterned these fish before you " Arrgghh..

New mission:

Wipe grin from face.

Just one of 5 nice fish for Kev. He has some pics I believe of the others. Kev went deep but small. He eventually had to cut down a tiny xlayer but he split the tail (fluke style) for just a fraction more action. He patterned the fish in suspension mid water at 12-15ft using a light head and smaller plastic that helped the Pollack commit. Asked whether he was patterning Eel grass or stones...he just laughed.

Fight !!!

Tom Phillips got creative too, he fished a 1.6g SSG carolina rig with 4lb fluorocarbon leader and this butchered muppet leg. 3 fish later, I guess he made the right choice.

I was still fishless ? I was getting bites, I tried 2g thru 7g, various sp's, loads of short takes, no fish.

I moved down the wall to target the slipway and water at a reasonable, foot level where line control was much better. Armed with a 1g carolina 3ft to the Yamashita Worm Bake II i started to target the slipway lip at 30 degree's parallel to the wall. There is a shadow created here that forms a great ambush point and, the swell rolls up the slip creating wash, turbulence and of course, more cover. Casting parallel keeps the Yamashita sp in the ZONE for longer.

1g: too light, 2 g, too heavy, 3ft leader: too long, getting washed around....
Nuts, I was on for a blankety blank.

Gary A, Mark S and Darren G where also feeling the pain of failure but to be honest, the fishing was HARD and Kevs smile started to wane as he too, stopped getting bites...

Finally !, 1 of 3 for me. I switched to 26" weight to bait leader, AA split shot, longer 3lb fluorocarbon overall leader of 9ft and patterned the edge of the slip over the stones between 15 degree's and 30 degree's, perpendicularto the swell but parallel to the ledge, the shadow and the just ticking the lower stone structure.

I called for Gary, ran him though the pattern and method, made a few casts for him, passed him my rod and rig...
He did great, fished like a champion.

Gary Aubert with a nice Pollack on LRF gear and the Yamashita sp using the cormoran ULX 1-10g rod.

Close up. Well done m8. Garry actually had a couple of bites and I think he was taken aback by the sensitivity of LRF gear. He certainly had fun playing the fish.

Ok, so I was now confirming the pattern. It wasn't just me, it was indeed the pattern that was finding the fish.
I called Mark down..

Mark has a bit more experience of lighter braids so I quickly demonstrated the pattern and the method, cast, point rod at target, bail off, sweep rod back, engage bail, let sp sink. pull rod back slowly at 90 deg, feel the weight of the shot. slide it back down and perhaps give it a shake....Bam ! fish on...

I passed the rod to Mark, he had a bit of fun, landed the fish and we slid it back.
The rod was again cast, Mark emulated the method perfectly. Within a few casts...
He had the fish above. Excellent and everyone now had had a decent sized Pollack on the light gear.
That my friends is 'teamwork'.

Mark sporting the yamashita and of course, the Pollack which it and Mark 'lured' into taking.

Well done guys...

Next trip, Wed night.

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Hard work, Keith but well done in sorting it for the boys. Those little Yamashita lures you are using look similar in size and nature (excpet for materials obviously!) as a sandeel feather? The "wing" is what makes say that I guess. Anyhow, good work and nice report - cheers!

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I thought I'd have enough of a selection of small SP's, but even my 2.5 inch curly tails on a 3.5g head looked massive and clumsy compared to the tiny little Worm Bake things. Cannot get over how small the successful lures were. I also learn't how important it was to have a spread of weights of jighead. I had 3.5, 7 and 10g, and thought that'd cover my bases. But then after getting hit on the drop, and then Kev getting a couple of fish up off the bottom, but on a painfully slow retrieve, we realised they were suspended in mid-ish water. I needed a weight that I would be able to stay in contact with and cast, that didnt fall too deep past the fish, that I was able to fish super slow, keeping it at the right depth. Kev ended up lending me a 5g head, but even then it was a balancing act. So much to learn!

Shopping list: 1g,2g,3g,4g,5g,6g,7g,8g jigheads & tiny tiny little SP's, & some Swann shot and AAA's & sizes 4,8 and 12 hooks.

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Shopping list: 1g,2g,3g,4g,5g,6g,7g,8g jigheads & tiny tiny little SP's, & some Swann shot and AAA's & sizes 4,8 and 12 hooks.
The tackle dealers are gonna love you Mark.

slowly slowly...

the list gets bigger but ...

the more gear, the more choices.

If you learn to ring the changes which I believe you are totally capable of, yes, you'll need all that and more.
This is why I also believe you'll see a swing to guys carrying multiple outfits which, as you are aware, is already happening.

This makes finding the pattern far easier and quicker as you can swap outfits rather than complete rig rebuilding.

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Hi guys

It was brilliant yesterday evening, with more learnt than ever (many thanks Keith, Kevin, Darren, Tom etc.)

A couple more pics from the evening,

Kevin with his first pollock

Close up of Kev's second pollock

Looking forward to the next session already, but I must get myself a few more jigheads and tinyXlayers ( Mick seems to have sold out).

The feeling on Keiths LRF rod had to be felt to be believed!

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