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nice forum I look forward to posting on here in the near future. ;-)

I am off to South Africa tomorrow! I will be firstly heading to Cape Town where I will be in search of yellow tail kingish, snoek and the very small chance for some smaller tuna from the shore. This will not be an easy task and will test my red rod to the limit if I manage to hook anything over 15lb! A good test I think?

The rest of the trip will be spent on the Eastern Cape where I will be in search of Kob (known as Mulloway/Jewfish in Oz) and Leevis (leerfish) along the beaches, estuarine systems and lagoons. I intend to use a few of the Japenese lures for these species - should give me an edge and it will be interesting to see how the tackle we use here for bass works in a different situation.

I will post a full report on my return with photos, providing my camera does not fall into the wrong hands.


1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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