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Welcome me i suppose!! Haha.
33, male, sky engineer, keen angler.

Picked a lure up off the beach around a month ago (pearl patch - ooosch!!) and now am deep into the expensive world of lure fishing!
Rod, reel, line, plethora of lures, plastic, sub surface, surface, all paid for!!
So yeah. Keen and educated shore caster. But very new to lures.

I live in southampton, currently finding myself wondering around the estuaries and banks looking for marks to have a go.
Not sure where is good or not, but ill be throwing and learning as I go.
Am used to scoping and researching marks before casting worm, so putting the same practices in for this side of fishing.

So anyone any advice on what to look for in and around southampton? Anyone fancy a throw?

1 thing I am struggling with, is what lure to throw in what circumstance. Am trying to find a 'rule of thumb' that will guide me. Help me look at a section of water and think, surface off there. Minnow off there etc.
But canny find anything at the mo.

Anyway, found this forum by chance, will be fairly active as I go. Looking forward to learning about this expensive sport and mainly, getting a few silver shimmers!!

Cheers all

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Hi Jimmy
I only do surface
But to give you a start, first or last light
Try low water as the fish are waiting to come in on the tide

And if possible try to match that with first or last light
Start with walk the dog, you'll start getting hits soon if you keep to that until you get some experience

Short sessions

Record your results
Flat calm, rippled, stormy etc etc and state of tide
Then fish the same place and conditions when you know the fish are there
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