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Hi All,

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So I've just got back into fishing after a loooong stint away.... Having a crack at the lures this time round. I had a little schoolie on my first time out back at the start of November which I think, Er... lured? - me into a false sense of security as I have blanked the nine sessions since.

I moved from Worthing (Sussex) to Pembrokeshire about 10 years ago and fish mainly South Pembs.

I am loving going out and exploring spots around this awesome coast... even if luck - or maybe talent - has not been on my side.

I have amassed a small collection of lures which seems to grow every pay day... "but they all look so damn cool though".

I'm keen on tips and advice from anyone in the know about fishing this area... or just lure fishing in general.

Am I blanking because it getting too cold... or because I've run out of talent?
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Doh! If one of the mods could move this out of the freshwater section it'd be most appreciated.
Hello my dear friend! Please tell me where to start in fishing, name three or five basic rules, please, I will be very grateful
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