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Hi Guys

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I have been quietly reading through the forum for a couple of evenings now and its amazing how much ground breaking info is here waiting to be sucked up !! I have been summer time plugging for about six years and I am looking forward to experimenting using some of the techniques I have read about here. Surface plugs will have to wait. Cheers all.
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Hi Gary. Nice to see you've joined up, hope you enjoy the forum. Don't miss the boat section!


Hi Paul. Still trying to get the hang of the forum . Found the boat stuff and found the article on vertical jigging very interesting . Going to give that a try asap. Inthe reef west of Corbiere should be fun for starters.



PS Nice to run into you again . What you been upto for the last 25 years ? LOL

Fishing and raising a family. Going grey and getting stressed out LOL.

BTW all the places we used to catch fish are still producing except the warm water, which has gone and that reef out East where you used to anchor with that bloody great grapnel no longer fishes, allegedly.

Let's have a trip out West and see what we can find.


1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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