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Homemade spinners for salmon

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Does some of you make homemade spinners for salmon?
The pleasure is much bigger with homemade lures, so have made my spinner for several years for salmon in local rivers....
Its a small hobby in Denmark, so start been members of the American forum, they are decades in front of us.
They have 0.032 thickness blades, so its a heavier blade then normal, so you have much more feeling with the blade and you can feel the tip tip on the rod end and actually feel the speed of blade.....
The season started 16th April, so spring and cold water and the spinner most fish slow and deep as possible, the heavier blade is really great for drifting to the bank with no retrieving at all.....
We have sandy button and stream made variety of depth, so less retrieving or give line, you are able to work the spinner up and down.......
Like to built med spinners with lead bodies and only rubber tail around the hook, the robber tail center the hook and the button became snaggy because of the button vegetation, so keep the hook free of that, so able bouncing almost free along the button.....
Sometimes I think the flying condom have too large surface, so in high water level it raise the spinner....
I had release 102cm, 92 and 87cm this year, all catch on black body and silver blades, have variety of color, but always black catch salmon...
He is picture of some of my spinners and picture of the local salmon river in Denmark
The black used spinner took the 102cm salmon:)

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Tight lines, what spinners do you make?

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Interesting post Ulrich. I sometimes modify spinners to target mullet, as do a few people on here, but I've never made from scratch.

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Nice work Ulrich!
Good stuff Ulrich. Not technically-minded enough to make my own gear but yours look terrific.
I make my own flying Cs Ullrich. I have experimented with different bodies but find that the plain and simple rubber tube is as good as anything.

Far prefer these over shop bought spinners. Very easy to make them in different weights and with different blades to suit various water conditions. I also like to add the small red " bearing beads". Just something personal , but I think they add a little extra.

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Great looking spinners, a small red bead above is okay, but be aware not to use large beads there, it will press on the clevis....
Specially in spring I like the blade to run slow as possible....
Sometimes only change blade size depend on water temperature, water level and speed of water....
Have heard that the natural color you have could be very effective...
After sea season I had bought some barrel blue to make some no flash blades to cloudy days and late evenings fishing's
So the blade on the red spinner is still in condition to use...


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Have try heat crimp on the body too, like small area and like them to go along the button, the red tube is to center the hook and make a catch point to the fish, and sometimes put a colored pearl on the hook before assembling for same seasons

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