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On a technical note how much line does one really need on a spool?

I have two early 90's RB fixed spool reels. Size wise they are from the sublime to the ridiculous

I have a very small Ryobi number that I loaded with 100m of 8lb mono and it is pretty much full.
I used it for the soft plastic bash last night at St Cats and actually I really liked it I have not used it in a few years. (Oh and I caught one)
Because of the tiny spool and short crank it is really easy to work the lure really slowly.
But does it hold enough line? How what is the minimum length you would fish for both SP and Lures?

My second reel is a Silstar CX70B it is a bit of a lump and can probably hold around 500m of 10lb mono
I currently have that loaded with 270m of 10lb mono
I works fine can get a real speed up with the long crank. Harder to work slowly and a bit heavy to hold for ages.

I guess the only other thing is how strong does the line really need to be?

As always your views would be much appreciated.

Oh and before any one tells me to go and get a new reel fishing is supposed to be my new cheep hobby ;-)
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