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Well went out yesterday and i only had a single bite all day though i missed it. Now wherei have been fishing it a tackle graveyard i have lost 11 jig heads and sp's in 2 days there.
So then i bright idea i rememebred the uses of differing rigs for scenarios. So off to local tackle shop to pick up swivels, beads and 1/2 weights and 1 ouncw weights for distance. Back to the mark and continued fishing though this time i tried the carolina rig, though this was still getting caught on the retrive no matter the type lift and draw seems to minimize snage though far fro perfect.
So then i rigged up a drop shot rig, now i used these many years ago for distance fishing with light lures for salmon and it works. Sorry i digress.
Well rigged up and cast rigt into the snagiest part of the gulley, first retirieve and got the rig back, 2,3,4,5,6 casts later i keep on getting the rig back.
Straight retirve and it comes back to me, so i can only assume that the weight is sliding through the snags and it was the hook that was catching the snags and eventually breaking off?
Wehn fishing this rig for wrasse especially i felt the lure itself was lsightly higher in the water, allowing the action of current to work on it. And with the line tight i could feel the movement of the lure itself. If i expected to lose the weights i would have used a lighter link to the weight again creating a purpose built weak link allowing the break if required. Seems to work a treat though only time will tell i guess.
Through this is fishied x layers and slug-go's rigged weedles for extra security though i did manage to lose a weight on a last ditch distance attempt.

Now i made a few findings here:

1: I didnt lose the rig, only the bottom weight, which i get for 20 pence each

2: I can adjust the length of traces to alter the action in the water

3: Distance is improved

4: No diference to feel in takes and knocks the bite i had felt the same as a direct conection through braid only.

5: When using sp's we have all of these rigs hat fall into place for differing situations.

6: When the line is tight the current is working the lure on the pause between shakes and lifts allowiing constant movement in the water.

So the learning curve continues and i havent even started on lrf , should keep my busy through the winter. Maybe more experienced anglers could shed more light on this just thought i would share my initial findings.

Tight lines all:|
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