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Well that's what the wife says anyway... You can never fish too much.

Hope the hotel lets me in late later this week or else I will be fishing all night both nights and just popping in for breakfast in the morning!! Paid for B&B after all!!

Anwyay... today...

popped out for a quick hour scouting again this morning, new mark to me, zero tide movement so headed for a constriction as Keith would call it. pretty big constriction but created a faster flow of water none the less so it did what was needed.

No fish though, saw some big mullet again but they didn't want sayori's, zonks or the patchinko. Strange things mullet...

Out again after the family lunch.

I managed to leave my phone at the parents house down at the opposite end of the island, strange how the subconcious works, so therefore I had to go fishing down that end, out west, don't normally go west as it's a long way to drive.

Started with the patchinko again but it doesn't seem to work very well when there's a lot of chop on the surface so stuck a feed shallow on, few casts later and I lost the bloney thing. Great. Was a no 15 which is called Ochiayuahg. Kind of brown and yellw, in my eye good for rough weedy ground to match the hatch.

So now p'd off and only having the rocksweeper on me I stuck a brown xlayer on a 14g 3/0 head so I would be able to cast it with that rod. twitching back a bit too fast but needed to stop snagging in the fast shallowing water and wham fish on, went hard with the rocksweeper looped over and reel singing, I was just starting to win and the unseen was close when it went to ground. Could not get it out, tried pressure, slack line and everything and eventually had to try a bit of rock hopping to get a better angle by which time it had shaken the hook. Now that was a BIG rockie. Considering I was using the heavy rod and how well it went, that might have been a 5lb'er. continued to try but no luck and water receeding I moved to a deep water west coast mark.

Had a few chucks with the Xlayer and several bumps but no hookup.

tried into the deep and at last a deep water rockie.


Only small unfortunately.

light was now fading and the bits startign to dry when I had a pluck pluck, whallop, fish on, fish off.


After a little bit I started to get a bite a cast. Pollacks... They moved in with the fading light, and as much fun as they are i've had enough to last me a lifetime so I packed up and went home.

Where have all the shiny things gone???

let's hope they are all waiting for me in jersey.


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