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I'm not fit

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to lace some of your shoes when it comes to plugging know how.

I know a little about plugs, but it's my rod knowledge that is lacking and after looking through some of Vidars links could you tell me what the following means please:

1. "Titanium frame Japanese impregnated high modulus Graphite” - is a frame what the Japanese refer to as a blank? Also, what is modulus graphite?

2. What is a "fast TAPER action" - what does taper refer to? I thought a rod was either slow, meduim, medium fast, fast etc etc?

3. Also, nothing to do with rods, but what does a "quarry" refer to when talking about fishing?

I'm looking for a freshwater baitcasting rod and points 1 and 2 have come up a few times.

Thanks in advance.
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Ah ha, add more to the equation, I have two very different rods, both are fast action rods in that their initial flex runs the top few rings before the rest of the rod starts to bend, however one tip is very stiff (less taper) and other has a very soft tip (fast taper). BUT they are also made from different materials and the lower blank power is probably equal in both SO you can have a fast action rod with either a stiff or soft tip, depending on materials and taper.
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