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I'm not fit

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to lace some of your shoes when it comes to plugging know how.

I know a little about plugs, but it's my rod knowledge that is lacking and after looking through some of Vidars links could you tell me what the following means please:

1. "Titanium frame Japanese impregnated high modulus Graphite” - is a frame what the Japanese refer to as a blank? Also, what is modulus graphite?

2. What is a "fast TAPER action" - what does taper refer to? I thought a rod was either slow, meduim, medium fast, fast etc etc?

3. Also, nothing to do with rods, but what does a "quarry" refer to when talking about fishing?

I'm looking for a freshwater baitcasting rod and points 1 and 2 have come up a few times.

Thanks in advance.
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No Dai, you're at least right (well I think you are!) on the first comment because the full sentence is "Fuji SIC guides and Titanium frame Japanese impregnated high modulus Graphite”

Ahhhh quarry refers to the fish you are targeting or at least hoping to catch.

Hopefully, some other posters will be able to confirm exactly what those phrases are meant to mean, although I think Dai and BJF have probably got it right already.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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