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Interesting news from Seaguar and PowerPro

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Here are some interesting news from Seaguar and PowerPro :clap: :clap:
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Interesting - I am swapping all my popping line to Jerry Brown Line One Hollow this year because of the splicing (small neat loops instead of biminis!)
Good to see PP doign it too ...

Needle set is pretty good value too!
How does the kit thing work? Is there a demo on the site or on Youtube or somewhere?
This should keep you busy - considering using BHP 25ft topshots instead fo twisted leaders for my next popping trip - only downside is the cost :/

You could possibly use the hollow 40lb and topshots for heavy jigging in Norway?
Will this method ever be adopted for mono leaders on plugs etc? Or is it too time comsuming out in the feild?
Yes you could do this for bass plugging, just make the leaders up at home first, then put a loop in the end of your braid main line and use a loop to loop connection. Definately smoother than an Albright, and probably stronger too. The benefit would be that if a leader gets scuffed playing a fish, it would take maybe ten seconds to loop off the old leader and loop on another.
Just a case of getting the right size hollow braided PE to fit the size Flouro you want to use.
I use a loop to loop in my Braid for my shore gear 50lb main to 80lb braid shock leader easy to change when it frays,
Ive tried the same using a Braid to 80lb mono shock no good snaps every time, not sure if this is the same as for plugging
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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