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Greetings Everyone!

I've just discovered this forum and thought I'll pop in to say hello and maybe ask a few questions too.
This place looks like a mine of knowledge - excacly what I will need in my newly rediscovered hobby!

I've been fishing not very seriously for a few years maybe, but got a real taste for it this past season
and very much I'm looking forward to get more in to it.

I mostly fish in the sea, usually in SE Scotland and less often on the Scottish west coast.
I favour fishing nice places preferably off the rocks.
So far I've been lucky catching the ussual pollacks,
coal fish and codlings but I'm excited to expand my species range.

After a few dissapointing tackle purchaces, the most recent being the grey's gr-50 lure rod,
I've decided to take an educated plunge and get myself a fishing rod to properly fit my lure fishing needs.

While the new rod is in transit just now, I hope to hear some reasuring comments from you guys.
I hope, couse I didn't really seek much advise before I pulled the trigger on it.

I went for the Major Craft Crostage Hard Rock CRX-792M/S, it's 7'9" rated 5-25g
It seem to be a new model (mk3?) and there isn't much info about it out there just yet.

I will pair it with a Daiwa Freams 2508A (also in the transit)

I will be using this combo mainly for slowly dragging soft plasticks along the bottom,
so i hope the rod will prove to be a very sensitive one
as well as powerfull enough to pull out whatever i will encounter there.

I also hope it will be usefull for bouncing metal jigs about on the bottom as lately
I've discovered it to be a very efective a way of catching the fish.

Now here comes another question,
what braid diameter would suite this setup the best?

I would like to have things balanced here, being able to pull hard if snagged while not loosing too much sensitivity?
The rod is rated PE #0.8-1.5 if that maters?
I was thinking a similar set up to what i had on my previous rods,
Sufix Performance Pro 8 0.15mm/22.5lb and 15lb fluorocarbon leader?
I have never tried the sufix before, but I read good things about it and comes in pink!

Anyway, thanks for reading (my first) post and I'm looking to hearing your opinions.
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