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It was cold...

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Went out last night to try a new mark with some major outgoing tide and chuck some soft plastics about in the dark.

First cast with the Pafex Sagat (in vert nacre which is a sort of green sandeel colour, natural green on top and white/translucent belly) and wham i'm into a fish!! Wahey!! He shot off to one side and held deep and rattling. Certainly doesn't feel like a bass and turned out to be a pollack about 2.5lb. Nice. No trouble for the infeet.

Thinking that was a good sign I soldiered on casting between the flurries of snow, it was bloney freezing last night eh!!

A few casts later and I felt a gentle pull/pluck on the lure as it was coming round with the flow (no reeling) so I hit it. Nothing. This happened a couple more times right close in so I tempted death and flicked the headlight on for 2 seconds. Squid. That'll explain it. Light off and on we go. At least it shows I can feel what's going on with the lure.

I then hit another fish, another smaller pollack.

The tide was really hammering out by now at 3 hours ebb and overfalls starting to appear. I had a few more casts through with the SP and changed to a Lucky Craft Flash Minnow SP. Supposed to be a suspender and it is!! Out the box as well!! Followed the same pattern with this one, cast to structure and let it sit, crank down and sit (or rather whizz with the tide). Tried it all, slow, fast, twitchy, pausing for ages, just letting it go all the way wth the tide to the end of the run and nowt.

Back on with a Sagat and pollack.

That's enough of that and went back to the car.

I still think there should be bass there as there are normally baitfish about, didn't see any but it was hard to make much out at all. Maybe they like it chopped up with the wind?? Back again another day methinks. I have caught bass nearby on bait so I know they are there at 1 hour flood, no reason why they would not be there on the ebb though??
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Sure was cold, I was out in the kayak last night.

Same problem with the squid grabbing plugs, got one almost in the yak but fell off just as I was thinking it might no be such a good idea!
Again, another wonderful report m8.

When fishing in these colder months, seek out 'where' tide has been and then fish it the way you did.
Bass will often lie just out of main flow as it gets colder or, search area's previously scoured by hard current.

I think it's more a switching to scavenger mode as water temps drop.
I'm not sure if I understand what you mean?

Do you mean fish the same spot once the tide has subsided? Or fish beyond the tide run which means about 60 yards along from the constriction causing the tide?

Once the tide has subsided there is only a couple of feet of water left (which is generally when the fish come through on the flood). Once the tide stops pounding through there I think the fish move about 200 yards along to the North where another constricted passage funnels the water out of a "bay" which is generally full of mullet and small fish (I guess the locals will guess where I am now...) I have lost a big fish there before on a cotton cordell. The mullet can be seen leaving the water as they race through the 2nd gap, I would suggest to avoid a large mouth waiting for them!! Maybe that's just summer and autumn though, I can't say I have a clue where the bass are at the moment other than being slaughtered on the west coast breeding grounds by dozens of commercial boats.
Plugged A rock mark last nIght for a couple of hours, had a pollack (small) on an orange Zonk -- the only other tug I had was on a Hart Gummy, but managed to lose it. Could not feel the tips of my fingers or thums when finished. Think its time the hip flask came out.
Do you mean fish the same spot once the tide has subsided? Or fish beyond the tide run which means about 60 yards along from the constriction causing the tide?
Both, but, the first can be the most productive. 2ft might be enough.
I'm another nutter braving the cold. Been out yesterday and had a puppy at dusk! I couldn't care what size it was it made me smile. The conditions on my mark were great but a little early in the tide.
Had to leave to get to a family do!

Going to see what happens this week, as I would like to push last years date of last Bass on 18th December.

I know some of you fish all year round but for the hours to fish ratio is not worth it for me. But then again I am a googan!
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