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Hi guys the dates for this years festival are friday 22nd october to sunday 24th october.
Prize categories

Largest overall Bass --- Best lure caught --- Best visitor --- Best catch & release(new)

Best lady --- Best junior--- Best two person team

We are trying to keep the Jersey festival Trophy & prize only(non cash), your thoughts would be welcome.
Also this year Marcus from the Shakespeare has donated a wooden shield in the shape of Jersey as a visitors main trophy.We will back date it with the previous winners names.It will stay in Jersey but hopefully go on show in mr Fish(hav'nt asked him yet!).There will be a smaller replica to keep.
Also some ideas on the catch & release.Fish entered in this can only win the C&R trophy,which we still have to get(once again thoughts welcome).
The boat lure only festival ran well being it was just a tester.Looks like the 2010 is going to be catch & release only.We're not expecting it to be a big event,but being C&R will give it a lot of credibility if we want the French to include it in there circuit,then maybe it could get very big.
Thanx again to all who have entered in the past & those that enter in the future.

Tight lines Sinkers Sea Fishing Club :) :) :)
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Have you got any dates in mind yet for the boat lure comp Steve?

It was a great comp this year would it be similar boundaries or do you think it would be worth limiting the area allowed to be fished to even smaller say just gutters one day and st ouens the next or similar I suppose it all depends on how many people are thinking about doing it and where they like to fish.
On the other hand I would like to see a bigger area to allow more deepwater vertical fishing, especially if we are to attract our French friends.

I heard that a reason for the restiction last year was a concern around the size of boats that might enter (ie big boats). If so then why not just limit the size of boat?

Either way I'll be looking forward to it.

I think the other main reason for limiting the area was to try and keep it fair for people on the yaks to give a chance at all the prizes.

But it would be good to open up some of the deeper water reefs.
I think we need to recognise kayaks' limitations but not impede the inshore boats from doing their stuff. Maybe limit the kayaks to a certain inner zone for their safety. Came across a guy in a kayak mackerelling on the Corbiere Bank last year, big tide, just after dawn, all on his own.....nuts. There's hard core and there's liability.
The only thing we've decided about the dates is to put them back.But we have to make sure they are decent mid range tides & that they dont clash with any other comps.Hoping to have dates sorted in couple of weeks.As for limits etc i think sometime in new year we will get all interested parties together to have an informal chat to throw some ideas around.Maybe even get a couple of helpers. :D
What are the plans for catch and release? Tape and photo?
Think it will be tape & photo Liam,not 100% sure yet.Going to try & get all interested parties together in the new year, so as we can get all ideas on the table & come to a mutual agreement.Hope you & Gaz can come along. :)
As far as I recall there was a seperate prize pool for the kayakers?
There was a kayak section last year.

It will be pretty difficult to measure and photo a fish on a yak, if it is C&R next year. I guess you could paddle to shore to measure the fish, or just knock it over the head and measure it when you get back to shore.
I will make up a few gutter measures and have a go at the begining of the season, see if it works ok and if its viable on a yak etc.
I see no reason it won't work on a yak.

Length has to way more accurate for boats, yaks and skishers than weight.
Shouldn't it be quite easy to fix a length of tube/pipe to a box or something on the back of the yak? It may require the angler to turn around a bit if possible but could work and be most stable? A hinge added in various ways and it could be flipped/rotated around all over the place for ease of useor to get it out of the way?
Just stick it on a length of bungy - easy :D

Will get one made up as I have a spare BASS tape I can glue in the bottom of it :)
Not yet Alex,will have a meet with Mick over the weekend to sort out the best tides etc.We do know its gonna be later than last years.The fishing in July,August & September was very good last year.
Just cleared a week in July, anything planned for then?
Just been goin through tides,available dates etc with Mick & it looks like the boat festival is going to be 20th,21st,22nd august. :)
Just got the heads up on the grapevine ... bit close to Guernsey but doable ...
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