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jig hooks

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Has anyone any ideas on a strongish 3/0 jig hook? Be using Mustad 32755BR but finding them to bend out to easily on bigger pollack. Also some thing that will not rust out to quickly would be good.
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Decoy jig 11 are great. Take ages to rust and have used them for cod and pollack bashing many times with no problems.
Not cheap though. They do a bulk pack of either 30 or 50 I think that doesn't work out too bad. Got mine from Pecheur.

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Have you had a look on AGM site Tom? Pretty big selection, good lot of different shapes, hook sizes and weights. Very good to deal with too.
Yep looked AGM just haven't got what I'm after mores the pity . Really want same as on the SG jig heads.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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