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Well I can't call it bass fishing as it wasn't really, I knew I was fishing pollack grounds where bass are very unlikely but I guess possible.

But sometimes it's just bout catching fish!!

My bass year is all but over now though I hope to get a couple more trips in before the year is out.


20th Dec

Fishing with the Daiwa Infeet and the temporary reel (Shimano 3000 something or other off my mullet rod and loaded with 24lb Avani braid with flouro leader).

Absolutely nailed by the pollack, great fun on the light gear but hardly a challenge for the rod or reel.

and this one hit a weightless Pafex Sagat and put up quite a fight with a long run had me thinking it was something else, that is til it stopped running and came straight in like a teeny bit of weed.

Then a quick trip this afty into evening/darkness...

This tme the reel was a Pflueger Supreme from Mark in Jersey think it's the second one in the list 8030MG which is pretty much a 2500 front drag reel. Very nice, I like.

Absolutely inhaled the sagat, small fish as well. Just goes to show if you go weightless with a very soft SP and use slack line when you get bumped and any fish can take a lure without realising it's not a real fish til it's to late!!

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Nicely Done FishingGuersey,
I know what you mean about sometimes it is just about catching a fish or two. I am getting the itch as well, all that snow, then Christmas means I haven't been out for a bit- not good.

Fingers crossed next year I will do better on the softies.
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