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The plan was to paddle around to one of the lug beds and do a bit of bait pumping first thing, then have a recce for a plugging session for a while after that.

Ready for the off.....

We had a reasonable walk ahead of us first, rocks to get past, but we hadn't bargained for all the cloying mud that seems to have appeared due to the recent Easterlies

The long slog out to the waters edge.....

On our way out we passed the remains of the 'Vanadis'

She was wrecked off Heysham in a storm in 1903....

She was built in Jakobstad, Finland in 1874. her final trip began on February 22, 1903 as she headed from Georgia, USA with a cargo of timber to the port of Fleetwood.

The ship rang aground on Sunderland bank in the entrance to the River Lune in extremely rough seas. A Fleetwood lifeboat, the Maude pick-up, was sent out to rescue nine of the crew and the other members of the 20-strong crew managed to make their own escape in a boat. All survived.

The ship then floated off Sunderland bank and drifted up past the entrance of the new Heysham Harbour – which was not open to ships until 1904. The Vanadis was then was blown ashore in Half Moon Bay about five miles from Sunderland bank and wrecked where she now lies.

Not wanting to go the same way as the Vanadis, we were a little wary approaching and crossing the entrance to Heysham harbour (there are some pretty big ships come in and out of here) but it proved uneventful thankfully.....

Approaching the old wooden pier, now in some state of disrepair

Navigating through the power stations outfalls

Paul was already filling his bucket with worms

I was soon on the beach and joined Paul in collecting the bait

Look at the skill, athleticism and know how...all missing from this pic! :muttley:

The view across the bay was really something to behold, the crags and mountains of the Lake District quite clearly showing the still present snow on the tops...shame my crappy camera didn't do the view justice!

We soon had about 100 worms between us and Paul decided to have a go with the push net to see what was about.........

Nothing much...

Lets try the other way

Sorting through the catch...

Lots of weed and not a lot else.....still a bit early really

Couple of little flatfish

We waited for a passing ferry to go before deciding to paddle out to a channel buoy where the plan was to tie off....

Being the more experienced yakker, I let Paul do the tricky bit!

Which he naturally managed with aplomb

Somehow Paul used his skill and know how to persuade a Dab to swallow his 3/0 hook with a FULL squid on, intended for early Thornbacks......

With the fishing proving to be s l o w to say the least, we decided on an exploring session.....

We had a quick paddle up the warm water outflow from the power station.....

We didn't want to go too far up in case out yaks melted!! lol

The old collapsed jetty looked like a good excuse for an explore for future plugging sessions....

There's a 70ft deep hole off the end of the old jetty which is rumoured to hold conger so we decided to tie off from the old piles and have a quick go before the tide run got up too much.....

It looked like our plan was going to come to fruition....

but unfortunately it prove to be only an annoying snag!!

We moved off to Throbshire point again hoping for a bass but fishing was very slow here too...

Another enjoyable day had to come to an end unfortunately, but we achieved a bit more paddle fitness, learnt a bit more about the capability of both ourselves and our vessels......and put a few worm in the freezer...

Paul managed that face saving Dab for tea


My missus made me a lovely homemade soup.......


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F**king hell Dave,

A History lesson, Scenic review, Kayak review, Bait pumping session and a catch report, Brilliant :-D can't wait for the next one !

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Wow Dave, what a superb report & photos. Everything looked great (apart from the 2 mile walk with the yak to the water lol)

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