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Kev gets one...or 2

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After what seems like months...

3lb 3oz Ballan taken HRF ( I'll let Kevin complete the post)

Then, like buses...

Well done, finally.

3rd currently on the shore leaderboard.
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Hmmmmmmmmm, gotta get back out there soon !!!
I have a feeling Kev might obliterate us now he's in the swing...I need to get out and try and get another I think.

Well done Kev! Much deserved
Kevins rockfish

Good one mate, these rockfish are great fun.
Nice one Kev! Yet to get my first Wrasse!
Well done Kev and must say about time.
Well done Kev, cracking fish there mate !
Fair play Kev , dont know who looks more happy the wrasse or you !!!!...
Nice one Keith! Those wrasse sure have some Mick Jaggeresque lips on them.
Fair play Kev , dont know who looks more happy the wrasse or you !!!!...
your right bob i know mate, that's why there's not to many photo's of me with fish, hate having my picture taken, i'd sooner people photo the fish, i mean that's what's it's about for me really.

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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