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Kiss my wrass

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I asked my boss earlier if he ever came across a spec where he had caught a few wrass being mainly a bass fisherman he didn't mind pointing me in the right direction. So I met up with Ritch after work for a cheeky little HRF session.

Armed with my super mix 240, 30lb pp braid with a MB haze dong dangling off the end and a little scribble of a map drawn by the gaffa we set off!

I started with the old start stop and drop retrieve after a few casts with no result i sped it up a little letting the lure barely touch down. Sure enough i had a follow but i didn't realize until i had ripped the lure out of the water so i quickly plopped it back, it hadn't even touched down before i was in wehay!
she was only a tiddler, after a few photos i set her back!

I moved along the rock a bit leaving Ritch to work the same area he had already had a few follows so i was confident he would connect sooner or later. I came across a little gully which looked promising, first cast i had a good tap i was anxiously waiting for the second one to strike, but there wasn't one this was odd so i pulled the lure out to be greeted with a naked jig head that would explain alot.
I wacked on a yum craw bait and no sooner had it hit the deck i had a tap i prepared for the second knock struck into it and bang! i was on i looked over to Ritchie who thought i was snagged but nope i was in i landed the fish after a short and explosive fight Ritch had made his way over by this point, i could see it in his eyes he was thinking what a jammy git lol sorry mate i cant help it. A few photos and the fish was back in. i fished this spot a little longer whilst rich moved along again i had to move off the spot because i didn't want to get cut off!

i found ricth he was working another gully so i stood on the other side of the rock and cast into to another little gully, i couldn't believe my luck i had a knock and struck on the second tap was in again this one felt good, but i lost it a few feet from the surface, bummer!
so we both worked the same spot Ritch got hit by about three fish but he lost em all he was getting bites every where but just couldn't connect i did feel sorry for the poor kid watching me pull up all the fish but he took it on the chin and kept on fishing.

I managed one more fish before the end of the session this was the biggest of the day not a record breaker but i was happy Ritch kept on going but to no avail the sun started to set so we called it a day i was three fish up and Ritch blanked again sorry mate!

it was a good sesh any way even though Ritch blanked, one thing i did notice was all the fish looked the same (brown with a bright orange belly) unlike the other wrass i caught on other marks where each one was totally different!

So there you go that's my report for ya if you have read this far you deserve a medal!

cheers guys, tight lines.

And better luck next time Ritch mate!


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Nice one guys...
i just put more pics on and made yet another edit
yer you did ill give you that and i found out they work both ways round! (hook through tail or hook through head) it diddnt matter
Both ways ?
Hmm, not tried that.

There is a trick I showed Martin Cabot earlier with craws but I'll publish it after Sunday... LOL
Ask me tomorrow m8.
excellent work again guys!!! im getting seriously jealous of theese wrasse catches :-o Im deffinately gonna target them soon.........
Well done guys, you're gonna have to show me the ropes on those wrasse Callum :)
Great report, I really need to figure out how to catch these guys,
Brilliant report Callum! Well done getting amongst the fish (again)!
Still gutted i didnt get a Pig was i was over there . . . and you are not helping - bloody pulling them out daily !!!!!!
Tidy Callum, you are smashing those Wrassey bomberclarts at the moment. I hope to have some interaction with a few this evening.
Thanks, Callum - good read there. You're getting a bit handy at this...
cheers for the comments guys! Gary ill point you in the right direction when we are next out its easy when you know how. and Simon we will definitely get you on to a Wrass next time your over mate!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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