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Light Speed ( a futher PDF article for the front end )

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right, going to get sorted now, that's enough work for now...

Feel free to post on the front end forum if you think this is good enough.

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Nice one Keith. Obviously you've thought about it in much more detail than I have to date (I've only been doing this 18 months), but I'm happy to see that my thoughts on open water/clear ground and faster retrieve speeds are pretty much the same as yours. Very reassuring. Plenty of other stuff to get thinking about too. :D
Great stuff Keith,

I just wish I could read it as quick as you and Kevin are wrighting it :D :)
I like any artical that makes me think and this is another that ticks that box
Great stuff dai
More intertesting stuff to digest there myfish, keep them coming :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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