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Hi All

Well the numbers are going up I caught 5 on Thursday night well technically Friday morning got to the spot atfter 00:00 and fished until 02:45 I am on holiday so having some late night fishing.

First up was a smallish one no problem hauling it up with the Firefly. This one was next which required to manual line handling. It went really well best fight yet I think

Then had another which required manual line handling, followed by another smallish one. These 4 all take on you know what by now on a 7g.

Then I finally nailed one of the little ones I had been eyeing out for the evening.
I the added a trout bait about a foot and a half up the line. I know that is maybe cheating but I know sluggos work and I wanted to catch on the trout bait. I got a load of bites with the trout bait to start but could not connect.

So all in all it was another fantastic nights fishing. This is the first time I have had multiple catches across such a large size range. Long may it continue

My next target is to catch something during the day
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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