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Well, loads of bites and some follow ups but no fish. Another pkt of Xlayers de rattled and smashed though. Stingers from tomorrow.

On current:

I think current is important but as a combination deal with boulders, gravel, weed, etc. So far, all the best HRF spots have some current pushing onto or near them at some state of the tide.
Wrasse also seem like Toads in that they follow the Sun (whereas Toads follow the Moon). Sun side of reef's etc seem favourite right now. Wrasse will also come up onto very hard reef as the tide rises and they seem to take residence or temporarly hide in holes or boulder piles. Again, I'd say they get tighter to the bottom, the boulder's and the edges as the current increases. Wrasse are much like Bass in this respect. It's just a matter of time before the HRF boys start reporting rogue Bass on Wrasse HRF missions.
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