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Hi Guys, this is one of my first posts on the forum have been a member for a while but just haven't managed to get out lure fishing at all recently. Anyway am in the process of planning the year ahead with regards to getting some pretty serious lure fishing done. I have done a lot of bait fishing for bass over the last few tears and have built up a fairly comprehensive idea of where to put most of my effort in with the plugs. Loe bar has been very productive for me over the summer with live eel so I'm thinking that I'm gonna make this my number one port of call. The beach is very similar to chesil, its a steep pebble/gravel beach with a steep drop off. The surf tends to be more of a shore dump which can make lure fishing slightly harder. However last summer on several sessions I would turn up before dusk and walk the beach plugging as I went before settling into bait fishing for the night. It was a relatively successful ploy and I quite often landed two or three schoolies on the plugs before darkness, no biggies unfortunately although I had several 4lbers and two 5's on the baits during the nights. I tended to fish from the white cross towards the gunwalloe end.
To cut a long story short was wondering if anyone else here fishes the bar and whether they've had any kinda success, am thinking I'm gonna try and do a dawn and dusk session each week this year starting in late spring in order to try and break the famous double mark.
Also slightly worried about landing a bigger fish there on the plugs, its pretty dangerous going into the water down there. Whats the general idea with landing bigger fish on a steep beach with light tackle?
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Welcome to the forum,
Good to see another new member, glad you have been getting in amoungst them.
Landing decent fish in heavy/dangerous surf is always a nightmare, especially on steep beaches. Personally I tend to have a good look at the hook placement. If it looks good, then I will wash the bass in on a wave and grab the top of the leader (I use a couple of feet of 25lb flourocarbon) and use that to drag the bass onto the beach. Oh and I have learnt to keep an eye on the surf, whilest getting hold of the bass. Funny how that odd bigger wave always seems to turn up at the wrong moment.
I fish this area...LOADS.... biggest ive had on a plug there is 8lb...nothing you can do about that wave, what so ever, but just turn and drag the bass up the steep bank, very quickly!! the problem is, its not like a crumbling wave, where you can bring in the bass with it, as if you use that wave at loe bar you will lose the bass 9 times out of 10, as it just dumps the bass and dislodges the plug free....doh.

If you wait for the wave to break then try to bring in the bass, the backwash will drag the bass timing and practice there mate. There is one really productive section of that beach tho, if you can find it!! :bangin:
Yep unfortunately its gonna have to be a bit of trial and error, lets hope for a little less of the error. Was planning to concentrate on different sections of the beach on differing sessions so as to build up an idea of what areas are best. Have you ever fished right down at the porthleven end, there looks like there some nice reef down there that could be a good shout on a calmer day.
I cant say too much over the main forum mate...i just worry about the commercal boys watching this.
I fished Loe Bar last year in September as was down in Cornwall for a few days. I fished the entire length of beach from one end to the other but had no success to be honest, with no signs of any life whatsover so must have got the tides or time of day wrong I guess....Sea was absolutely calm so maybe that was a factor...?

Beautiful beach though, will definately be back for another try.
On calm days...u need to stay far far left of the beach

On days where that first wave is working, you need to get a plug to the back of the wave, then work it there.... So best if you cast diagonally, say 45 degrees, this should keep you on the money .
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