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LRF rod advice

Discussion in 'Tackle & Tips' started by {name}, Jul 12, 2016.

  1. Blenny

    For my usual LRF fishing I use a solid tip rockfish UL and I use it for everything but now I have the opportunity to purchase a tubular tipped majorcraft. I want to keep the two rods and use each for what they're best at so what should I be using each especially for? i.e what are the two tips specialised in? Thanks
  2. Perch

    Edinburgh, Scotland
    Solid tips are better for fishing jigheads OTD, deadsticking, dropshotting etc. Tube tips are better for fishing with vibe baits, spinners, spoons, plugs etc.
    Solid tips flex under less force than tube tips, which is good for keeping tension on a lure you are not constantly retrieving so you can detect bites. But not so good when you want to rip a plug or vibe through the water, as the tip of the rod tends to fold before the lure reacts to the movement you are trying to impart.
    I reckon you should go for the majorcraft and post a pic up in the show and tell thread
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