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ok, great question.

Recently, I've used, with great success i might add, fluorocarbon line right through. I have tried a few cheaper ones and the one on my reel right now is Airflo G3 Sightfree (made in Japan) 100 meters for about 6.95 in places. Others are BOGOF.
I've also come to really like the Gen 3 Tenyru in 10, 12, 14, and 20lb and so, I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of the 6lb. That will be around £20 a spool.

Megabass do a 5lb FC called 'Dragoncall' which is also designed for use on a reel straight through.

The American market lists many FC lines as 'straight through' friendly but, be aware that they are mostly referring to baitcasters and NOT fixed spool spin reels.

The Japanese and the Australians love the 'Sunline' range of FC lines as well as the various braids but again, some are gen3, some are super stiff etc. it is a minefield right now.

Lots to be learned here but at least it's not rod and reel money.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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