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Harold - I do indeed own the Lucky Craft ESGII Plugging Rod 8'7" XHXXF (3 to 30 grams) rod and as already pointed out it is fairly powerful for its rating. The blank has a very nice action and will actually fish both hard lures and soft plastics pretty well, which is what I personally wanted from this rod.

It is built with high quality components such as stainless steel framed Fuji SIC guides; a Fuji reel seat and a very well constructed and attractive looking abbreviated EVA handle design.

The rod weighs around 160 grams so it is fairly light, but not exceptionally so. The rear handle is very short, which is good for working all sorts of lures but not so fantastic for the overall rod balance. I would say a reel in the 300 to 320 grams bracket is best in order to balance the rod better, and the really lightweight ones should possible be avoided. However, this is a bit about personal taste so don’t take this as an absolute certainty.

Overall, I’m very happy with the rod and it's just a couple of small steps (an adjustable balancing system on the butt and a shorter fore-grip that would allow me to fish with my index finger touching the blank) from being absolute stunning.

Hope this helps :-D:-D:-D
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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