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Lure Bag What To Get

Discussion in 'Clothing & Accessories' started by {name}, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. Perch

    North Devon
    I get mine from a mate that works in a small engineering workshop, might be worth having a look at your local PIS or somewhere like a industrial fastners supplier. TBH if my mate wasn't there, I'd be getting some from B.A.S.S. Don't think that they're very expensive and it helps generate some income for them. I'm presuming that they still sell them.
  2. Mullet (foul hooked)

    Good choice!

    As an occasional biker (did more when i lived in England), I use my Camelbak for plugging too. Pretty hardy as the zips still look the same after about 18months on the beach and never washed it once. I don't bother with the water pack but its a great rucksack and sits quite high up for deeper wading (resists the splashes well but not waterproof).

    Normally stuff 4 boxed plugs, some plastics, scissors, keys and phone in my wader pockets (Wychwood breathers - two decent pockets, one of which is inside and protected for phones etc and 2 net compartments on the outside - lovely waders) and more stuff in my North face jacket (lots of pockets) and the rest like knives, scales, line etc go in the ruckie along with a load of other lures that I don't use so much but don't like leaving at home :)

    I like being able to just pick up one bag, my waders and rod/reel and just go, not empty and repack stuff - wastes time and you forget critical stuff.
  3. Blanker

    Hello friends. On this pretty nasty winter evening, I decided to cook for summer. More specifically, sort your fishing suitcase.
    In fact, nobody can do without such a suitcase today. Where can you put all these ten or hundreds of necessary things? I personally use VORCOOL. Comfortable and practical enough. You can see it here:
    I think this is for both me and a loved one

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