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Hi all I have being trying to contact Lure Factors about some kit, my lad is doing a school project and is designing a soft lure, I need everything to make the mould and produce the lures. Does anyone know if they are still operating if not I see a company called lure solutions and am I right in saying I just need RTV silicone to make the moulds.

Any help gratefully received.

Cheers Paul
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Worth looking on ebay for rtv silicon.You can get some good deals from time to time. Hobby craft also sell it but its about £20 a tube.Good quality but dear.

I've used this stuff for molds and its been fine,

Also used this, really good product but as I said its dear,

Hope that helps.....
I think Lure Factors are still going. Mark Kelly the owner posted about some kit on a facebook group just last week. I think the site is rather than
Thanks for replying guys just managed to make contact with Lure Factors so sorting stuff out.

Cheers again all


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