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lure/plugging match

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Advise im planning on a plugging/lure match in my local area spurred on by a thred for the other side, for the last few years we have being getting more and more bass being caught or maybe the fact more people are trying for them ?
Anyways ive decided to sort a match out i allready have the backing from our local angling comitee with there insurance cover,

But what im looking for would it be better to have C&R and how would this work ?

when ive finally sorted some details out you will all be welcome to come and enter, but the distance is maybe the only other factor as im up on the East coast (filey well some one has to be :muttley: ) if only i could find the wife a nice job/house nr bridport :rollineyes:

shArk (Mark)
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I personally believe, the way forward in comps is C&R.

I wish you all the best with it. Let us know how we might help.
Thanks keith
Im affriad im getting negative replys about it being c&r ?? all they want to do is kill :wackit: it totally baffles me why,

Take a look at the Weymouth thread in the meets and matches
thanks mike
its a tricky one have had a email form one of the lads up hear saying he would never promote or back a C&R match for bass
he likes to take them home ...............or sell them :wackit: :wackit:

hehe i like the monkey
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