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Megabass ARMS

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Another set of beautiful rods to slaver over (is slaver a word????)
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ARRGGH! I cannot see them! Can everyone else?
Just give it a couple of minutes to load, then you will see them. Nice glossy pics.

I have owned the Arms A6505X with the right hand (holding rod in right hand and wind with left) rosewood grip since last autumn. I did place the order months earlier and was initially told I would not be able to purchase one just to be told otherwise after a while.

These rods are normally built to order with the handle configuration (type of wood, left or right hand) you want, and you can even customize its wrapping.

These rods perform exceptionally when used for what they were designed for (old school top-water plugging) but in reality they are more collectors items. I can sell my rod at any stage and get the money I invested money back in full.
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Can we get some glory shots? they do look gorgeous!
These look like they should be hung on the wall!!!! I would be concerned about taking them out and getting them wet!!!!
Excellent workmanship though.
Alex Jordan said:
Can we get some glory shots? they do look gorgeous!
Yes, when I can get around to it :D :D :D

After a burglary a while before Christmas the Arms and a handful of my most valuable collectors items lives somewhere else than my house.
Alex Jordan said:
Not good news - anything taken?
No, would you believe it, not a single item missing. The police are convinced something had disturbed them during the act and they took a runner :D :D :D

I have never thought much of the phrase “your blood freezes to ice” but after coming out that morning and seeing my garage door wide open I now do indeed. My wife swears it is the only time she has seen me close to crying, and I believe her :lol: :lol: :lol:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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