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Megabass SP ZONK???

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Anyone used this yet???
To my supririse just received a couple.
meant to order 3 zonk 77 and one zonk 120 but just checked and I have picked one zonk 77,one zonk 120 and 2 of these

77mm length
14.5gms weight

There calling it a sinking pencil but its got a tiny bib

Loaded some pics of lures.....


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Haven't used them Nick, but they certainly look nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wackit:
Those look great. I like the calculator and pencil as well, for working out how much you can withdraw from the bank without your misses finding out ! ;)
thats the credit card....

And I keeps that under the matt top right!!!lol
Interesting find / buy - look forward to hearing if they fish as well as the others !
Interesting find / buy - look forward to hearing if they fish as well as the others !
At 1st bit pissed off as after the shallow Gatoride and only ended up with the one but the SP Zonk is described as a slow sink pencil with the best acytion on a slow retrieve but the bib is only small but quite thick so no problems with the bib breaking
I tried one last year, and wasnt impressed, but, to be honest I dont like lures with subtle actions, I like a bit of a roll or wobble. Alot of good anglers use subtle lures though and if its made by Megabass you know its got to have 100's of hours of research behind it. Let us know Nick.
Have used the sp zonk 77, I find its best on a slower retrieve and impart action by jerking the rod tip looks great in the water when fished this way and have had fish with this when other lures have failed, Casts superbly and certainly catches the bass here.
Will be buying more of these without a doubt.
I got a few of these.........but find them rather 'straight' on a normal retrieve, get the rod twitching to get some life into them and they'll work much better for you. I like em :D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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