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Megabass xlayers advice

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Hi there just after a bit advice. I am going to fish a lot more new rough ground marks this year and i dont want to chuck my expensive hardbaits in so was looking at the xlayers as everyone seems to rate them. I have slug go's but i am yet to catch with them and I find they dont cast too well and if i add weight the action isn't too good on the retrieve (any advice on how to use the slug go's would be appreciated too). My main question is what colour xlayers perform i like the look of the 4.5" anise ones has anyone caught on these ? Also i was going to use them with some sort of lead head and was wondering what is the best weight to use to get a decent cast without them loosing too much of there action.
Any help would be appreciated
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I have just literally posted the same sort of feedback about slug go's too, tiddler, on another thread! With the vast amount of SP's & jigs available, I wouldn't bother faffing about with them, you'd be better off learning the best rigs and techniques for the Xlayers. Never really read anyone having a moan about Xlayers.

I'm sure slug go's work for some, but it's a bit like red headed hard lures. I've never had much luck with them, but some swear by them.

St Ouen is your man re SP's. I'm sure he'll read this and help out. Good luck though, mate.
My main question is what colour xlayers perform i like the look of the 4.5" anise ones has anyone caught on these ? Also i was going to use them with some sort of lead head and was wondering what is the best weight to use to get a decent cast without them loosing too much of there action.
Colours: Ayu and 'Shrimp and Minnow' are my best colours. Others work fine, they are MY favourite.

Heads, for bumping bottom like in my article use bachi heads or Xorus MrX.

For slow rolling I would use a football jighead.

For working in rocks, I prefer a 'sabot' or shoe type head that elevates the Xlayer or other SP up slightly.
I haven't used the anise colour to be honest. Like Keith I rate Ayu and Shrimp and Minnow. Another great colour is French Silver which is actually pearlescent white.

As for weights, I agree that as light as is possible is the way to go, but don't take anyone's word for it. Try casting an XLayer mounted on only a texan hook, twitch it around, count it down, watch what it does...You'll be surprised at how far it can cast with the right conditions and this will give you a more informed idea of how weighted heads affect it and its action, once you start trying different jigheads. Clear deep water at your feet is a great way to test this, if you can find it.

Here are some "weightless" weights in case they help:-

Unrigged XLayer (shrimp and minnow) 5.8g
Texan 3/0 (medium gauge) 0.7g
Unrigged Giant XLayer 11.4g
Texan 5/0 (heavy gauge) 1.5g
Unrigged 5" Spindleworm 11.5g
Hazedong Magnum (Wakasagi - you'll either love or hate the Marmite smell) 13.5g

So a Giant XLayer with a 5/0 texan weighs in around 13g, a reasonable casting weight in light winds IMO.

Be open minded though and try some heavier stuff too. On rough highwater springs I sometimes fish a long boulder scree that descends onto clean ground into about 40ft of water with a strong lateral current. I drop Giant XLayers on 18g heads at full cast into a pocket on the clean ground where a submerged reef runs perpendicular into the boulders, then twitch the lure up and away from the pocket and into the current again. It's a classic cross current feature and the strike zone is probably only the size of a small car. I wouldn't hesitate to use 20g or even 30g to get down into that pocket if I needed to, because that is where the fish are at.

Alongside the weight of the overall lure, the most important thing is how you work the lure. Remember it is can be crucial to twitch and slide the lure and to let it flutter back down at which point it is far easier for the bass to inhale properly if they are being finicky. You will feel lots of plucks and knocks fishing SPs and its not always crash and dive stuff. If you feel anything unusual then strike gently and you may well be surprised!

BTW the French pros seem to rate Megabass Okashira jig heads (two sizes 1/16oz and 1/8oz) which are characteristically high in price but look great.

Hope this helps and Happy New Year

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Thanks for the replies I will keep everything you have said in mind and try the techniques you have mentioned. Thanks again and happy new year
Just one more thing have any of you tried the hart absolut worms as they look very simlar to the xlayers but alot cheaper, are they as effective.
I have used them a fair bit off the boat but the XLayers have the edge on them IME.


hmm, like st ouen, I've used both extensively.

why eludes me but..

xlayer kicks hart worm butt.

The ribs are way more defined on the absolute and you can feel them vibrate
on a steady lift. The Xlayer is much more subtle.

There is much more going on with SP's than meets the eye when a fish gets hold of it.

Soft and supple is key, smell, texture, the way it moves or doesn't, loads going on.

I believe that 75% of the job is done with bottom or structure contact of the jig head.
Weightless, that really close to cover contact etc all helps.

Illusion of life gets the bite but other factors come into play when the fish has committed.
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I'll be using Absolut Worms over wrasse ground, they love them and there is nothing sadder than seeing an XLayer bitten in half by a decent rockie.

One tip, if its any use to you (it might be more of a boat fishing tip) is that the Absolut worms accept a stinger really well and it ups their performance a bit. I am not sure about stingers for shore fishing as the scope for snagging the bottom is possibly higher. And BTW, if you do use them beware they can turn a relatively easy to handle SP into a mini nightmare if a hooked fish starts thrashing. See the older posts on Mick's blog for some more info.

Would have loved to get out there today... the weather is cracking down here.


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