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Hi Rob, well I'm sitting here at home all jetlagged up after returning from exactly there!

We stayed at the Occidental Grand Xcaret. There is no real beach there, just luckily a rocky shoreline with a small manmade beach.
The rocks looked great for fishing, I plugged, popped and spun on a cople of short sessions but to no avail.

The trouble was the incessant onshore wind that made it unfishable most of the time.
We did see a nice barracuda and a big 10lb+ jack cruising around though one morning when the gear was back in the room.

Deffo lots of potential at the Xcaret, but a lot of the surrounding hotels have sandy beaches which may not be so promising.

Also don't leave anything unattended off the hotel complex. On our first day we had our rucksack with mobile, waterproof digi camera, snorkel gear and money stolen when our backs were turned litterally for a few seconds!

Despite that, it's a great place!
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