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Hi Mick, hows tricks, hope all is well on the isle.
Sorry too bother you but i did my now daily check of your website to see if you had any of my beloved yellow patchinko's in stock, and alas still no joy. Please reasure me this colour is still in production and you are just testing my nerves. However the new season fast approches and i couldn't bare too go into it without my favourite plug(i lost my only one on my last trip and it still hurts).
I appreciate that you are probably as frustrated as me at not having any in, but if you have any idea when you are getting a shipment please let me know.
Too any other members out there that have any yellow patchinkos(whitebelly,clear sides, yellow back, not ghost yellow) and are willing too sell me any please get in touch. I would like 4(my brother wants a couple too) but one would be great.
Cheers, i know i have a problem!!!

p.s. The new website is great Mick.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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