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More Cornish fishies.

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Wasn't feeling very well this morning so instead of trying to sit in front of the computer, struggling to concentrate and get any work done, I went off for a wee stroll to see if I could find some bass.

Lovely sunny morning, little bit of swell, bit too much colour in the water but.... ended up with 3. Biggest was probably just over 2lb.

Very enjoyable.

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HE SHOOTS . . HE SCORES :jump: !!!!! Hard & Soft :wackit: !!!! Super work !!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:
Cheers guys. Needed a bit of thought today to be honest so i'm quite pleased.
Bloody well done, BJF :clap:

Where you bumping the xlayer along the bottom and what was the state of the tide?
The XLayer was the first fish I had. I'd spent about half an hour unsuccessfully chucking plugs like the Jackson Athlete Slim 12SS (which is what I had the second 2 on)(BRILLIANT lure!!) in amongst the various currents and rocks off to the left of the point you can see in the 3rd pic. There was quite a lot of sand being moved about in the water and with 2 main currents running over the same plug run, I decided that rather than running the hard plugs at it from a bad angle, I'd just drop the xlayer 20 yards out in front of me, pretty much on the edge of the more sandy/active water.Then I just let it do whatever it wanted to...! With the odd lttle twitch to keep it moving. Occasionally I'd open the bail arm to let the backwash take line and keep the bait circling around the edge. It was actually on the first cast that this baby took it - after half an hour of chucking other baits over his head!

All between 1 hour before and one hour after low tide.
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i seem to recall you got a knack for fish first cast on an xlayer!!

well done Ben, catch up soon mate.

LOL, good memory Jez!

Just gotta drop it in where the fish are I guess. Let the bait do its job innit :p
well done my friend!!!....i will put up my catch report later if i got time, i went out today to go shopping now with the wife ....doh
Well done that man, hope they :D made you feel better
Nice one Ben i love them xlayers, i am out in the morning i hope i can put up a report like yours.
Cheers guys.

Good luck HD!!

I heard you got one Nath!! :horsesword:
bass on a feed shallow and a wrasse on a Rudra...of up your nexk of the woods tomorrow morning sweetie if u fancy it
I'm in!!!!! PM me some times and places if you like.
ive got the school run first then i will head up to you, should be our normal meeting area for 9.45
Sounds just about perfect. If we're down there by just after 10 we'll be ok. If you haven't bee down there lately, it's changed a bit..... :? Fair bit of sand shifted out during the storms.
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