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Most favorit lure colors.

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Hi lads,

What are your most favorit colors for topwater & diving lures in your aria ?

Here (Netherlands) for clear water it will be natural colors, sandeel look a like and spotted minnows.
For turbit water, chart back, akakin (gold/orange), pink back and dark colors, also two tone colors like black-back/silver, the give a lot of flash whene woble.
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I like orange plugs, or plugs with orange bellies, both for surface and diving.

I also like matt colured plugs.

I use wirewool to dull some of the shin -- sparkle on some of my plugs.
For me it depends on the water colour and light

bright light coloured water bright lure any colour

bright light clear water natural looking lure

fading or dull overcast light clear water black or bright lure

will add more later got to go out watch out for edit later dai


Dull light water like chocolate the noisy'st [spelling] lure i have with me no matter the colour

Bright light water crystal clear i tend to get the soft's out floating sand eel initations on lead head
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