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The winter blues has got to me already.So rather than be too depressed i'm off to Alderney this afternoon for a spot of Mulleting.The main aim of the weekend is to improve one of the Jersey guys pb,once thats done(hopefully) i will fish myself using Gulp rubber maggots or bread imatations while the others in my party use bread.I have had success in the past using both,but never tried them while anglers next to me have been using bread.
So Monday evening i will either be talling you about our catch results or about the mega hangover i get from it being to rough to fish. :)
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Waylander said:
You can't go to Alderney and NOT get a hangover Steve :)
Your right, i feel ill :( the seas were very rough with no mullet being caught for about 4 weeks,did manage one fish of around 4 lb,but i,m afraid it was'nt on an artificial, had to resort to a nice piece of doughy bread.Looks like its going to have to wait till next year for my artificial verses bread experiment. ;)
alderneybassman said:
Sorry I missed your visit Steve, bad luck on the weather mate.

When you say artificial bread, do you mean that wunderbread stuff or real plastic stuff?
Proper imatation bread,looks like a lump of polystyrene,not sure what its called cos i lost the packet it was in.Been told theres a few companies that do it.It seems to work best when you have a few fish competing for floating crusts.The good thing about it is you don't loose it on every strike. ;)
Spitfire66 said:
cmon Steve - rag behind a spinner - had a lure nailed by a mullet proper last winter - baits for girls lol
Was hoping to go lure only,but after seeing the conditions i had to do the girlie thing & go on the bread.But look out next year!
Had quite a few Thin lips on mepps & rag but soon as i change to artificial worms i get follows but no takes,something i'm still working on though. :)
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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